Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bread Bowls by way of Molly's Rolls

A couple of days ago my roommate thawed Loaded Baked Potato Soup from Schwans that she had in the back freezer and I had an idea. I told her that if she wanted to wait a day that I would make bread bowls for us to eat it out of, and being the HUGE bread fan she is, she whole-heartedly agreed!

I used my tried and true "go to" bread recipe for Molly's Rolls, which I wrote about making earlier in the blog Link here, only this time I took two-thirds of the dough to make two round loaves and used the last third of the dough to make a couple of rolls. This afternoon I cut a "lid" off of the top of each loaf and hollowed them out.

I had bread crumbs left from the hollowing process, which I wish I had saved for home made bread crumbs, home made croutons or bird food, but I foolishly tossed them out. I'll remember that next time, though!

Initially after baking them I was worried that they would be too shallow, but the "soup" had more of a stew-like consistency so the bowls worked just great! I highly recommend giving this soup from Schwan's a try, and the bread bowls came out phenomenal! I got full after the soup and couldn't eat the bowl, but my roommate did and she absolutely loved it!