Sunday, January 10, 2010

Starting 2010 off with a bang!

Blogging seems to be the way to start off 2010, and I am making some new, incredible changes and starts in my life, so I figure there's no better way to start than to chronicle my journey starting now and into the future.

I am currently working at a convenience store, and after lots of soul-searching and many disappointments and being passed over for promotions along the way, I decided that it's time to make positive changes and create an exciting future for myself, one that I am DETERMINED to put my all into and create a fantastic life for myself!

Tonight when I got home from work I applied to and was accepted at Pima Community College! I am going for my Associate's Degree in Culinary School, and I am looking to start in the Spring. My first love is baking, but for Christmas this year from my family I received the beginning of my "core cooking tools" - salt and pepper grinders, wooden spoons, measuring cups and spoons and a cookie scoop - and I decided that I was going to give this whole cooking this a shot, too. Then when I decided on culinary school, I figured why not limit myself to just baking? I mean, if I'm spending the money to put myself through school I may as well get the most out of it, right?

Another goal that I have set this year is to lose more weight (I have lost about 80 pounds since the summer of 2007) and though that weight came off pretty easily, my body seems to have found a comfort zone and I've been hanging out at about the same weight, give or take 5 pounds, for months now, so I decided that the way to start to achieve this goal is to walk the 1.81 miles to work every day. I did it three days last week, taking my "Friday" off (man, was I sore by that point!) and also inadvertently today off (I did something gnarly to my sciatic nerve in the last three days) but tomorrow, even if it hurts, I'm back at it!

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, my 2010 manifesto! Work, school, baking and cooking - creating, hopefully, for the most part, fantastic things from my kitchen - exercising and doing everything I can to be a better daughter, friend and co-worker to those in my life every day! Happy 2010, may you live up to your full potential and have the most awesome-tastic year that you can and do deserve!

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